The STEM Alive project from RAFT and KVIE Public Television has created valuable tools that reinforce a variety of scientific concepts.


We are continuing to look for new ways to provide our members with value added products and services. RAFT and KVIE launched a new series of educational training videos, which are focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum. Many of the school districts throughout the country are adopting this new approach. The training videos are designed to provide you an interactive teaching tool to be used with your students.

The STEM Alive project was funded by a grant from the
Morgan Family Foundation

Morgan Family Foundation


Glove-A-Phone Puff Rocket

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Topics Covered:
Sound, Vibration, Music and Instruments.

CA Science Content Standards:
Sound & Sound Waves:
Grade 2, 1.g, Grade 3, 1.d
Investigation & Experimentation:
Grades K-8

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Topics Covered:
Forces, Motion, Gravity, Newton's Law.

CA Science Content Standards:
Push and Pull, Objects Fall:
Grade 2,1.c-1.e
Unbalanced Forces Cause Changes in Velocity:
Grade 8, 2.a-2.f
Motion and Forces:
HS Physics, 1.b, 1.d, 1.e

Black & White Make Color The Germinator

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Topics Covered:
Vision, Color and Light.

CA Science Content Standards:
Light and Vision:
Grade 7, 6.e, 6.b
Light and Color:
Grade 3, 2.c, 2.d
Characteristic Properties of Waves:
Grades 9-12, 4.c, 4.e

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Topics Covered:
Botany, Plant Growth,
Scientific Method.

CA Science Content Standards:
Plant Structures & Functions:
Grade 3, 3.a; Grade 5, 2.0;
Grade 7, 5.0.
Environments Affecting Plant Development:
Grade 2, 2.e; Grade 4,3.b.
Scientific Experimentation:
Grade 5, 6.b, 6.i and above.

Dangle Angle The Colors of Light

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Topics Covered:
Angles, Similar Triangles, Trigonometry and Measurement.

CA Math Content Standards
Use Measurements of Sides and Angles to Solve Problems:
Grade 8, Geometry 5.0

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Topics Covered:
Light, Color, Electromagnetic Spectrum.

CA Science Content Standards
Observations & Data Collection:
All Grades
Colors of Light:
Grade 3, 2.c
Energy Carried by Light:
Grade 6, 3.a
Vision and the Electromagnetic Spectrum:
Grade 7, 6.a
Electromagnetic Waves:
HS Physics, 4.e