With RAFT Idea Sheets and Activity Kits you can integrate hands-on activities into your curriculum.

All RAFT Idea Sheets and Activity Kits are cross-referenced to one or more of the curriculum subjects listed in the Common Core, Next Generation Science, and California Content Standards.

Idea Sheets

RAFT Idea Sheets are easy-to-use hands-on experience guides. Download for free and use commonly found materials to create engaging learning experiences.

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Curriculum Standards

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Activity Kits

These affordable, ready-to-use activity kits take the prep work out of teaching with hands-on activities. Activity Kits come with all required materials and step-by-step instructions to bring engaging math, science, and art experiences to your students. Many are available in both singles and 10 packs to help you reach student audiences of all sizes. See which are available in RAFT member centers or the online store.