RAFT’s educator resources are designed to support a wide variety of subject areas, academic standards, and levels of learning.

Idea Sheets & Activity Kits

Take a dive into RAFT's extensive database of over 700 Idea Sheets to find the hands-on activity that is just right for your educational needs.

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Professional Development

Join us for engaging, hands-on workshops to enhance your teaching career. We also offer tailored training sessions that will bring RAFT expert teacher mentors to your location.

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Tip Sheets

New to hands-on teaching? Looking for ways to save time? RAFT's Hands-on Teaching Tip Sheets are filled with practical advice that will make your job easier!


Resource Centers

RAFT leverages community donations and bulk purchasing to offer a wide range of low-cost materials, hands-on teaching tools, and school supplies at our educator resource centers.

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RAFT helps overcome the barriers to hands on education by developing innovative Idea Sheets, and prepackaged Activity Kits created around important concepts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as language arts and art. RAFT also provides professional development support in the form of in house and outreach workshops, and mentoring support. Our goal is to provide you with hands on ideas you need to be effective and inspiring when teaching.