Below you will find the activity resources for the RAFT publication Science and Math To Go.

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Anamorphic Art

The following website has descriptions, with images, that explains the anamorphosis process. There is also a link for a free software download, for Windows, which will carry out several different anamorphic transformations on digital images:
Interesting illustrations of distorted images can be found at:
Brief history of Anamorphic art, also with links to films dealing with its usage in history:

Bugs on the Go

Arthropods –
Insects and more; pictures and descriptions –
Insect information and resources –

Capillary Capers

Capillary action information from the US Geological Survey website -
Capillary action involved in trees receiving water:
General information about water’s properties:

Carnival Math

Math Tools:
Other multiplication lessons:
Internet Mathematics Library:
Discussion items and other ideas with multiplication:

Condiment Diver

Use the pull-down menu at Eric Muller’s Do Science website for other fun activities that use food and restaurant related items:
Little more on how it works, related to scuba diving:
Buoyancy Handout/How Ships Float:
Office of Naval Research, Archimedes Principle, and related to Submarines:

Cups A'swinging

Exploratorium Resonant Pendulums -

Ice Mountains

An amazing image of a meandering river and a related poem can be found at:
Animation of how a meander forms:
Pictures of Glacier Caves:

Ideas To Go

Science Notebooks in K12 Classrooms:

Lunch Plate Launch Pad

Basic rocket guide:

Magnetic Imager

Below are simulations of the iron filing patterns around and between bar magnets:
Info about magnetic fields:

Magnets Afloat
Other lesson activities involving magnets:

Napkin Nursery

Newspaper version -
Seed germination (basic) -
Seed germination -
Other gardening classroom activities:

Pick a Stick

Other math activities in an entertaining (game, puzzle, etc.) format -

Plumbing the Depths

An Interactive Global Map of Sea Floor Topography Based on Satellite Altimetry & Ship Depth Soundings
Bathymetry of Lake Tahoe, CA -
Bathymetry of Crater Lake, OR - and

Race Around the Sun

Chart of planet locations for the first of each month -
Online plot and planetary data for current day -
For Solar System information see:
Interactive Astronomy -
Animated model of the inner planets -
Planets’ rotation period and day length -
Solar System Live - displays the location of the planets -
See RAFT Idea Sheet Solar System in the Round

Racing Cups

Information on energy and energy transformation -
Conservation of energy simulation -

Examples of levers all around us, and three classes of levers, using cartoons:
Simple follow-up description on levers at Lego Education:

Shape Skeletons

Detailed descriptions of 3-dimentional shapes (including formulas), along with links to paper model plans, can be found at “Sacred Geometry”

Shrinking Math

Information and lesson plans about plastics:

Spoon Scales

Measuring mass in space:

Squeeze and Sniff

For interesting information on scent-related topics such as perfumes, food flavors, and foot stink, search on "smell" at the How Stuff Works website at

Static Detector

Basic background information on static electricity -
Other activities involving static electricity:

Static on the Move

Basic background information on static electricity -
Benjamin Franklin and his electric motor -
Franklin’s experiments and adaptations -

Stop the Drop

Surface tension-

Swinging to the Beat

Pendulum history and use -

Topo To Go

Information about Mt. St. Helens -
Crater Lake National Park website-
Bathymetry of Crater Lake, OR - and