Below you will find the activity resources for the RAFT publication Science and Math with Office Supplies.

Suggested Websites for additional information

Activities Indexed Alphabetically

Activities Indexed by Subject Area

Animated Flip Books

For information on the history of motion pictures -
Explore persistence of vision -

Binder Cover Solar Collector

Many useful links on solar collectors and related topics can be found at -

Binding Comb Battery Holder

Batteries –

Catch a Falling Ring

Larks head knot -
Puzzle video -

Color Wheel Kaleidoscope

Activities with reflections -  

For more information about kaleidoscopes and their history, visit: and

Digestive System Surprise!

How the human digestive system works -  
Diagrams and glossary -

Drop in a Little Bucket

For an excellent overview of hearing, visit How Stuff Works at:

Envelope Field Notebook

Field Notebook Primer from University Michigan Museum of Zoology -
Joseph Grinnell -

Envelope Kite

Forces on a kite -
Experiments -
Flight simulator -

File Folder Weaving

An overview of fabrics used throughout history can be found at -  
More activities related to historic, real examples of applied math and science are available in the Exploratorium’s book Math and Science Across Cultures
Mathematics and Weaving websites -

Fun with Hexaflexagons

Make a 3-D version -
Video different face designs -  

Hoop Mobile

Alexander Calder’s biography and pictures of his work -
Moon Phases – see RAFT Idea Sheet Moon Mobile -
Information on the Rock Cycle - see RAFT Idea Sheet Playing with the Rock Cycle -

Magnetic Maze

Free printable mazes are found at many sites including at,, and

Magnets in Space

Microgravity -

Marble Roller Coaster

Physics involved -
History and physics -
Physics of loops -

Measuring Challengee

Dictionary of measurements terms -
Conversion calculators -

Moiré Patterns

There is a nice selection of moiré patterns available online - and

On a Roll with Geologic Time

Radiometric & relative time scales -  
Geologic time concepts -

Planet Orbit Locations to Scale

NASA’s Solar System Exploration -
Ellipse information and interactive image -
Perihelion/aphelion with moving image -

Retractor a Go-Go Car

Evolution of the wheel -  
Designing and building a mousetrap car -

Space Weight

Your weight on other planets -
Skylab’s inertial balance -
Create a balance to measure weight on Earth - see RAFT Idea Sheet Measuring Mass

Staple Remover Catapult!

General information on catapults -

Sun & Planets to Scale

Solar System information -
Sun & planets -
In August, 2006 the IAU redefined the term "planet" and classified Pluto, Ceres, and Eris as dwarf planets -

Sun Measurer

Mirror plus window method of measuring the Sun -
Measuring the Moon using proportions -

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