Below you will find the activity resources for the RAFT publication Science and Math with Office Supplies.

Suggested Websites for additional information:

Activities Indexed Alphabetically

Activities Indexed by Subject Area

Animated Flip Books

For information on the history of motion pictures -
Explore persistence of vision -

Binder Cover Solar Collector

Many useful links on solar collectors and related topics can be found at -

Binding Comb Battery Holder

Batteries –

Catch a Falling Ring

Larks head knot -
Puzzle video -

Color Wheel Kaleidoscope

Activities with reflections -  

For more information about kaleidoscopes and their history, visit: and

Digestive System Surprise!

How the human digestive system works -  
Diagrams and glossary -

Drop in a Little Bucket

For an excellent overview of hearing, visit How Stuff Works at:

Envelope Field Notebook

Field Notebook Primer from University Michigan Museum of Zoology -
Joseph Grinnell -

Envelope Kite

Forces on a kite -
Experiments -
Flight simulator -

File Folder Weaving

An overview of fabrics used throughout history can be found at -  
More activities related to historic, real examples of applied math and science are available in the Exploratorium’s book Math and Science Across Cultures
Mathematics and Weaving websites -

Fun with Hexaflexagons

Make a 3-D version -
Video different face designs -  

Hoop Mobile

Alexander Calder’s biography and pictures of his work -
Moon Phases – see RAFT Idea Sheet Moon Mobile -
Information on the Rock Cycle - see RAFT Idea Sheet Playing with the Rock Cycle -

Magnetic Maze

Free printable mazes are found at many sites including at,, and

Magnets in Space

Microgravity -

Marble Roller Coaster

Physics involved -
History and physics -
Physics of loops -

Measuring Challengee

Dictionary of measurements terms -
Conversion calculators -

Moiré Patterns

There is a nice selection of moiré patterns available online - and

On a Roll with Geologic Time

Radiometric & relative time scales -  
Geologic time concepts -

Planet Orbit Locations to Scale

NASA’s Solar System Exploration -
Ellipse information and interactive image -
Perihelion/aphelion with moving image -

Retractor a Go-Go Car

Evolution of the wheel -  
Designing and building a mousetrap car -

Space Weight

Your weight on other planets -
Skylab’s inertial balance -
Create a balance to measure weight on Earth - see RAFT Idea Sheet Measuring Mass

Staple Remover Catapult!

General information on catapults -

Sun & Planets to Scale

Solar System information -
Sun & planets -
In August, 2006 the IAU redefined the term "planet" and classified Pluto, Ceres, and Eris as dwarf planets -

Sun Measurer

Mirror plus window method of measuring the Sun -
Measuring the Moon using proportions -

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