Below you will find the activity resources for the RAFT publication Science and Math with Office Supplies.

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Amazing Magnetic Worms

Information on using a magnet and the science involved -

As the Clouds go Bye

Evaporation -
Transpiration -
Oktas -
Water cycle and clouds -

Catching the Wind

Basic wind measurement details and conversion for wind speed at other heights -
Wind speed over water issues and indicators -
Wind speed based on plant observation -

Charge Carrier

Animation of charging -
Pie pan version and use -

Circuit in a Jewel Case

Making Light -
Mini Bulbs (with shunt) -
Discussion of current flow -
Circuit requirements -

Colors in the Mind

Light and mixing -

Dangle Angle

Using similar triangles to find heights -

Falling into Place

Brazil nut Effect -

Jewel House

Greenhouse Effect -
Factors affecting the heat trapping ability of greenhouses -

Just a Phase

Basic information on matter -

Let It Rot

Fun facts and information about microbes can be found at:

Magnetic Explorer

Step-by-step pictures -
More information on magnets -

Magnets Around the Rim

Science and activity details -

Pictures in Motion

For information on the history of motion pictures and the works of Muybridge -

(Teacher Note: To better visualize motions of bodies, Muybridge often used nude artistic models. The website below, which contains his works, may not be appropriate for young students!)

Scaling the "g's"

Acceleration details -
Protractor accelerometer -
Constant acceleration Java applet -
Centripetal acceleration -

Shake and Break

Descriptions of the 4 different seismic waves -
"Earthquakes for Kids" and more -

Slope on a Rope

Acceleration details -
Mass, force, & acceleration animation -
Constant acceleration Java applet -
Centripetal acceleration -

Solar Cone Cooker, A Renewable Energy Device

Illustrated plans, news on solar cookers, photos of solar cookers and much more -

Sparking CD Capacitor, A Charge Storage Device

Simple Capacitors -
Leyden Jars Information -
Early Leyden Jars -

Static Tetherball, Electrical Charges in Action

Basic information on static electricity -

Thar She Blows, A Wind Vane

Student oriented wind information -
Global wind patterns and an activity -
Information on weathervanes -
General information on wind -

The Germinator, For Sprouting Seeds

Seed germination (basic) -
Seed germination -
Seed germination and dormancy (with photos) -

Time for Shadows, An Equatorial Sundial

General sundial information -
Latitude and longitude in degrees -
US (and international by other an zip codes) -
Latitude and longitude, annotated sources -
Time zones -
To make a horizontal sundial -

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