Practices for 21st Century Learning

What the Professional Development Series Delivers

As a participant in the series you can expect a challenging program focusing on hands-on teaching techniques for grades TK-8. Each session will give you time to master content and to explore the materials that will be used by your students. Register today to receive:


Three, 2-hour sessions of in-class training, supplemented with over 20 hours of guided independent practice.


Multiple opportunities to practice-teach, demonstrate learning, and receive immediate feedback from a supportive community of professional learners.


Expanded teaching strategies, innovative techniques for building student mastery, plus RAFT Activity Kits and materials for student use.

All participants must fulfill certain program requirements. Participants who complete the program and meet all the requirements will receive these additional benefits:

  • CEU credit available through SJSU
  • 1 year RAFT membership
  • $150 RAFT gift card
  • $600 stipend

This unique opportunity is made possible at no cost to you thanks to sponsorship from generous RAFT donors.


Series Requirements:

  • Attend all three sessions
  • Complete all assignments
  • Participate in the online Professional Learning Community
  • Support RAFT observations
  • Provide photo release forms

All trainings take place at:
1355 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95131

Scheduling to be determined.