Idea Sheets are hands-on experience guides linked to core curriculum topics.

Every Idea Sheet is cross-referenced to one or more of the curriculum subjects listed in the Content Standards. Use this Idea Sheets Search Tool to rapidly pinpoint activities that are perfectly suited to the grade level, subject area, and content standard you want to cover.

Idea Sheets are based on readily-available, low-cost materials such as cardboard tubes, bottle caps, old CD's, etc.

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Divide and Conquer!

Conquer the outer wall and be the first to reach a winning position!
Subjects: Math

Dizzy Decimals and More!

This exciting game reinforces addition and multiplication of decimal numbers! It can be customized to include subtraction, division, conversion of decimals to fractions, and rounding answers to a fixed number of decimal places!
Subjects: Math

Dollar Daze

Students race to collect a dollar in change in this fast-paced game that teaches the value of coins.
Subjects: Math

Domino Effect

Use cassette tape cases or videotapes to create a device whose parts can topple like dominos, yet can be easily reset. This device models how nerve cells transmit signals through the body.
Subjects: Life Science

Down on the Farm

Primary learners can sort animals into 2 categories in this activity: those found on a farm (domesticated) and those not found on a farm (wild).
Subjects: Life Science

Drop and Vial Lenses

Use drops and vials of water to create convex and concave surfaces. Make light rays move closer together (converge) or move apart (diverge).
Subjects: Physical Science, Life Science

Drop in a Little Bucket

Could you hear a piece of paper if it was dropped into a cup? How small would the paper need to be for you to not hear it anymore? This quick and simple activity produces some amazing results!
Subjects: Physical Science, Life Science

Drops on a Penny

How many drops of water can you put on a penny before the water flows off? Make and test predictions to study the surprisingly strong surface tension of water.
Subjects: Physical Science

E Pluribus Unum

Students will quickly learn Roman numerals and modern equivalents by playing this fast-paced dice game.
Subjects: Math

Earphone in a Lid

Create a working earphone by combining cup lids, a magnet, and a coil of magnet wire. The activity can be done as a step-by-step assembly or as a design exploration. Attach to a sound source and hear music from a couple of cup lids!
Subjects: Physical Science

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